We start with being honest.

ProPhotoGuide isn’t a corporation, a big company, small company, or even a dedicated group of coffee-obsessed writers in some well-lit Brooklyn office. Nope. Right now, ProPhotoGuide is the fledgling side-project of just one guy with a camera, me.  Until it’s actually something bigger, I will never pretend that it is.

And it’s the same for anyone who wants to be a truly successful *professional* photographer.  Don’t pretend you’re the most talented photographer on earth when you’re just starting out.  Some people buy a DSLR with the singular goal of making some money – switch it to Auto, and overnight they become “I’m-So-Awesome-Photography”, offering mini-sessions or worse, wedding photography.

It’s Okay.

Be honest.  It’s alright to be an ‘amateur’ at first.  You’re allowed to have zero-experience at the beginning.  It’s okay NOT to know things.

Humility and a willingness to learn are the keys to succeeding in the world of professional photography.

“Aren’t you a Pro? Shouldn’t you know everything?”  Yes, I’m a pro.  No, I don’t know everything, that’s impossible.  The moment a photographer thinks they know everything is the same moment they stop improving.

I pay the rent and put food on the table with wedding photography. After years of learning photographic techniques and gear and building a photography business, one thing is very clear:  I have much, much more to learn.

So why start a site?

It’s sort of win-win really.  You get straightforward, concentrated goodies of photography knowledge and tips from a seasoned pro.  We’ve already established that I can’t teach you everything – but I CAN teach you everything that I’ve learned so far.  And when I challenge myself to teach others, I automatically improve in the process too!

What do you want to learn?

So let’s make this *your* site.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the first 70 people that signed up to be notified about the launch.

What do you want to learn?  There’s lots of resources on the web for learning photography concepts and techniques, but sometimes they’re just not explained well.

Leave a comment! Tell me what you want to master.

If you don’t want to leave a comment because you secretly don’t want people to know that you haven’t learned something yet, that’s fine.  Send me an email: – then read this post again. 😉

Have fun!