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Josh Liba

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The PPG Map

Here’s what’s coming up on ProPhotoGuide!

These are all articles or sections that I’m planning to write and refine. I believe in writing about topics that genuinely help.  No filler.

If you would like to see something added to the list, please leave a comment!

Learn Exposure Series:

Introduction to Exposure: It’s all about light. (Titles and articles subject to change)

  • 01: Your Camera’s Light Meter and Scene Recognition: How the Camera Thinks Part 1
  • 02: Gimme the Gray: How the Camera Thinks Part 2
  • 02: Your Artistic Choices – How YOU Think (Why Exposure Matters)
  • 03: Behind Every Photo: ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed
  • 04: ISO – Being Sensitive
  • 05: Aperture – Hole in the Box
  • 06: Shutter Speed – Open and Close Case.
  • 07: Exposure Choices: Why and How?

Random Ideas:

  • Create a simplified version of most articles that have more expanded explanations of terms
  • Interviews with Industry Professionals about how they handle photography business aspects
  • Separate site sections for different kinds of professional photography: Wedding, Family, Seniors, Stock, Pets etc.


The PPG Guide to Photographing Kids

  • Shooting Children: Not as horrible as it sounds (Inappropriate Title?)
  • Focusing on fast motion /  How to photograph kids at play
  • 5 Tips for dreamy images / Golden Light

Raising Prices: Do it Right

  • Do you really need to raise prices? (Yes, you do.)
  • Why raise prices when the market is already hard?
  • Structuring your price raises to minimize client impact
  • Convincing Clients to Pay More
  • Preparing to raise prices for the 2nd (or 10th) time.


What would YOU like to learn or master?


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