Author: Josh Liba

When NOT to Raise Prices

“Raise Your Prices!” It’s the most often heard advice to new professional photographers, and for good reason! Starting out, (and even later in our professional career) it’s common to undervalue ourselves, and question our self-worth.  As a result, we almost never charge what we really should. To make a livable profit, creatives always need to be alert to opportunities to increase the value of what they offer. But, there are some times when raising prices may not be the smartest thing to do. Do NOT raise your prices: When your current offerings or presentation don’t match the price. To...

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Are Other Photographers Your “Competition”?

There’s a disturbing attitude growing among some “professional” photographers, especially among new pros that have just started charging for their services. It’s the paranoia that every other working photographer is now their competition, scheming to steal paying clients away from them. It’s a sad thing to see that kind of attitude develop in a creative community, because almost every professional photographer started out the same way in their amateur days, or as we like to call them… “The Good Ol’ Days” There’s nothing like being a wide-eyed newbie, in wonderment of the art of photography. With brand-new camera and...

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4 Essential Tips for Photographing Children (at Play)

This post is based on this comment from a reader: Taking pictures of my young ones is super important to me. Getting the right settings for the lighting is a challenge. I find myself using the meter in my viewfinder, but I feel like I’m cheating…? How [do I] achieve that golden light? Also, I love the look of bokeh, but struggle to get my lens to focus from one subject to another if I don’t use the automatic focus points. How can I change focus more quickly, but keep the background blurred? I think it will be super helpful to...

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